Are Dogs Allowed in Lowe’s? 2022 Pet Policy

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A major question all pet parents have, is can they take their dogs to Lowe’s Home Improvement? You wouldn’t think it would be that hard to find, so we finally debunked what their pet policy is!

the outside of the lowes home improvement store

It can be so much fun to take your furry friends out on daily adventures with you. Not only do they get out of the house and get to smell new things, but you also get to show off your pet to the world! While some dogs may be more anxious and not as curious to explore the big world outside, others are the complete opposite and love the chance to try something new and interact with other dogs or dog-loving people. The popular home improvement store seems pet friendly, but what are the real policies regarding bringing your furry friend into Lowe’s?

Taking dogs out to run errands and do day-to-day tasks is becoming a popular trend. However, it can be confusing since some companies are so welcoming and others are not. Taking your pup to a grocery store where food is commonly accessible is not encouraged. Many people at the grocery store don’t want your dog’s nose in their food. But dining outdoors with your pet is allowed by most establishments.

One of the more common places to see dogs roaming in the aisles are home improvement stores like The Home Depot or Lowe’s. The floors are polished, the aisles are large, there is no food in sight or within reach, and there are often other pups perusing the aisles as well.

The Home Depot is a commonly known place to be able to take pups, but what about Lowe’s?

What Does Lowe’s Pet Policy Say?

The official Lowe’s pet policy is difficult to find. It is not stated on their website, and a Google search will often result in saything that only service animals are allowed. Thanks to Tiffany Tran from Sidewalk Dog, who emailed Lowe’s customer service to find the answer, we have an official answer from Lowe’s company.

Lowe’s complies with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) which requires the allowance of service animals to accompany their owners/handlers. In addition to this, Lowe’s is a “pet friendly store is [as] a way to reinforce the Lowe’s purpose through the customer experience.” In other words, dogs are allowed for not only service animal purposes, but also for the enjoyment of the customer and enhancement of the customer experience.

There are rules that come along with this access for pups including: being leashed at all times, calm behavior, cleaning up after any waste your dog leaves, and not disrupting another customer’s experience with jumping, growling, barking, invading space, etc. Simply put, as long as your pup is on good behavior, you should be fine.

This access for all pups to Lowe’s is limited to the US, however, as only service animals are allowed in Canada locations.

Can You Take Dogs into Lowes Home Improvement?

The simple answer is yes. This offer extends to not just service animals, but any well-behaved pup wanting to come in. Like any other place you take your pet, you must have proper etiquette when bringing them inside and clean up after them.

Etiquette for Taking Your Dogs Into Stores

What exactly is proper etiquette for taking a dog into Lowe’s? Here are some common practices to think about when taking your dog anywhere, not just Lowe’s!

●  Keep dog leashed, harnessed, or in the cart at all times

●  Keep dog close by so they do not intrude on another person’s space

●  Avoid people that are showing signs they fear dogs

●  No disruptive behavior (barking, jumping, growling, whining)

●  Clean up after your dog (many places will provide cleaning supplies if necessary) 

If you dog is proned to aggression, it’s best to not take them in public places. Larger breeds also cause other people to become nervous, so be sure you can control them at all times.

Other Stores Dogs Are Allowed In

Being able to take your dog to Lowe’s and make your home improvement trip a little more fun is exciting news that you may not have heard before. What other stores are dogs allowed in? Where else welcomes your errands buddy?


It’s no surprise that dogs are allowed in these stores! Take them to try out a new bed, smell out their favorite treat, or pick a new toy! You are almost guaranteed to see other dogs here.

The Home Depot

Until recently, this store was regarded as one of the most dog-friendly stores/chains in America. They were notorious for welcoming dogs, and it is a commonly known spot to be able to bring your dog. Recently, customers at certain locations have reported being turned away with their pup, however, this seems to be an exception rather than the rule. However, most employees do not ask or check if they are service dogs and as long as they are on a leash, you should be fine.

Bass Pro Shops and Cabelas

The Bass Pro website specifically states that dogs are allowed unless state or local laws prohibit. You can always contact the store ahead of time to be sure. That rule doesn’t apply to service animals, they are always welcomed!

Tractor Supply Co.

Another nation-wide chain that sells dog products, not just tractor supplies. The company claims to be dog friendly at all of its locations.


Need someone to give you an opinion on that top you have been wanting? Nordstrom is open to leased and well-behaved dogs. Although your dog may not find anything they like, it could be fun to take your dog to the mall for a little shopping trip. They support the #dogsofnordstrom tag that circulates through Instagram, even featuring it on their own page.

Barnes & Noble

Your dog may not like it when you read instead of taking them on walks, but you can take them to pick up books with you! Most Barnes & Noble locations are welcoming of dogs, and many of the customers are usually ready to give them attention. The only stipulation is they have to stay out of the coffee or cafe area.

LazyDog Cafe/Restaurants with Outdoor Dining

Lazy Dog Cafe welcomes pups on their outdoor patio and even offers them a menu; hamburger patty or chicken with rice, peas, and carrots. But many restaurants that are not so obviously catered to dogs are still welcoming to them. Like always, call and check before, but many times they are allowed in an outdoor patio area where you are eating.

Short Version: Can You Take Your Dog Into Lowes?

●  Lowe’s is a pet friendly store that does not  have policies against bringing dogs inside.

●  Other pet friendly stores to bring your dog include: Home Depot, Petco/PetSmart, Tractor Supply Co., Nordstrom, Barnes & Noble, Bass Pro, Cabelas, and most outdoor dining restaurants.

●  You should always check with the store before bringing your pup just to be sure.

●  Be sure to always follow common courtesy practices when shopping.

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