Can Dogs Eat Pomelo? Avoid the Rind!

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Tasty, packed with vitamin C, and full of antioxidants, you’ll be glad to hear that pomelo is safe for your dog to eat! In this article, you’ll learn what pomelo is, how it affects your dog, and how much you should be giving them.

two green pomelos, one has been cut open in half

What Is Pomelo?

Pomelo is a sweet citrus fruit that originates from Asia like the durian and rambutan, and is still growing in popularity. But even if you’ve never heard of pomelo, you’ve most likely had its close relative, the grapefruit. While similar, pomelo is full of antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients like fiber, making it an excellent and healthy snack. It also contains protein, and its fiber can help grow the healthy bacteria in your gut while aiding in digestion and improving constipation if you have any.

Is A Grapefruit A Pomelo?

Although closely related, grapefruit and pomelo are not the same thing, and they actually affect your dog differently. Grapefruit is toxic to dogs mainly due to the peel, but the flesh is very acidic and can cause digestive issues. The rind of a grapefruit also contains oils that are toxic to your dog, meaning your dog should steer clear of eating any part of a grapefruit. If you suspect your dog has eaten grapefruit, it’s best to call your veterinarian so they can advise you on what to do.

Honestly because these are somewhat bitter, most dogs won’t touch it unless it’s mixed with something else like mashed banana or pumpkin.

On the other hand, pomelo is much less acidic and rarely causes digestive issues in dogs when given to them in moderation. Pomelo is also noticeably sweeter and has a chewy consistency, which your dog might find satisfying.

Can You Feed Pomelo To Your Dog?

You’ll be excited to hear that, yes, you can feed this healthy fruit to your dog! As long as you don’t feed them the skin, which can be toxic, the actual meat of the pomelo is extremely healthy and loaded with nutritional benefits.

Many dog owners are including fruits like pineapples or kiwis, as a regular part of their dog’s diet to help with their digestion and relieve any constipation. In addition, the nutrients and vitamins in pomelo make it a brilliant choice for ensuring your dog is getting a well-rounded diet. However, keep it mind, it’s still a fruit which means more calories and higher in sugar. At least it’s natural sugar, right?

Just remember that your pooch’s diet needs to be balanced. Experts recommend only saving 10% of their daily values for treats, snacks, and other foods outside of their normal dog food.

You will also want to avoid giving this Chinese fruit to puppies. Since they are smaller dogs and are usually on a stricter diet, chances are even a little bit will cause a tummy ache.

Is Pomelo Skin Good For Dogs?

Despite the health benefits of pomelo, your dog can not eat the skin and seeds, as they are dangerous. The outer rind contains oils and citric acid that can disrupt your dog’s digestion and cause stomach issues. The concentration is higher in the peel and seeds, which is why they can safely eat the flesh but not these parts.

Health And Nutrition Benefits Of Pomelo For Your Dog

Pomelo has a ton of health and nutritional benefits for your dog, since it contains vitamins, minerals, protein, and nutrients. The fiber content of pomelo can help your dog go to the bathroom and enhance digestion. Since pomelo contains protein (about 6 grams per serving), it can improve your dog’s muscle health. For dogs who are struggling with weight loss, this protein content will also keep your dog full for longer periods of time, meaning your dog will eat less. This tropical fruit is also packed with vitamin C, which can boost your dog’s immune system and help fight diseases as well.

So next time you’re snacking on a piece of pomelo, it wouldn’t hurt to toss your pup a piece or two (as long as the skin is removed!).

How Much Pomelo Should You Feed Your Dog?

As a general rule of thumb, you should feed your dog no more than 1-2 pieces of fruit per day with the skin peeled. That goes for pomelo, papaya, jackfruit, pineapple, and any other fruit you might be tempted to give your dog.

Here’s how to feed your dog pomelo safely:

  1. Completely peel away the rind (skin) of the pomelo
  2. Cut out a small piece (1-2 inches depending on the size of your dog) of the pomelo’s flesh
  3. Check the piece of pomelo to make sure there are no seeds in it. If you find any seeds, remove and dispose of them
  4. Give the piece to your dog and watch them to see if they like it (they most likely will)
a pomelo that has been cut into slices

What Happens If Dogs Eat Too Much Pomelo?

Even though it isn’t toxic to pups, you should always give it to them in small amounts. If he chows down on too much of this fruit, he will probably develop a stomach ache, which could lead to vomiting. Like any other fruit, pomelo contains a lot of sugar, which can upset your dog’s stomach and lead to diarrhea.

There is also citric acid in pomelo flesh, which can exacerbate upset stomachs or disrupt their digestion and give them acid reflux. Because of the high fiber content in pomelo, too much could cause their stool to become soft and/or lead to diarrhea. It’s best to feed them fruits like this in moderation.

Short Version: Pomelo Is Safe For Canines In Small Amounts

  • Pomelo is an Asian fruit that is safe for your dog to eat a few times a week, with no more than 1-2 pieces per day
  • This fruit is full of fiber, protein, antioxidants, and vitamins that can support your dog’s overall health
  • To feed your dog pomelo, remove the skin (rind) completely, which is toxic to dogs, then feed them 1-2 small pieces and ensure that there are no seeds
  • If your dog eats too much pomelo, they could experience vomiting, diarrhea, or upset stomach, so feed it to them in moderation

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