All About the Frorkie: A French Bulldog Yorkie Mix

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You are going to fall in the love with the Yorkie Frenchie Mixed Breed! They are small, loveable, full of personality and are pretty low maintenance!

frenchie yorkie mixing on a leash in the park

Hybrid dogs have all sorts of funny names, don’t they?

For example, there is the Puggle. Then we have the Chiweenie…a designer dog name guaranteed to make you smile! And don’t forget the Bernedoodle, Great Danesky, Pomsky, and Golden Pom.

But have you ever heard of the Frorkie?

As designer dogs go, these wee pups occur when a purebred French Bulldog is crossed with a Yorkshire Terrier. A recently new addition to the designer dog world, these feisty little fluffballs are a breed you don’t want to miss.

Introducing, the Frorkie!

Meet the Parents: French Bulldog and Yorkshire Terrier 

black and white frenchie laying in the grass

According to the American Kennel Club, French Bulldogs were the second most popular dog breed in 2020. In fact, they made the top five list in many major U.S. cities. Historically speaking, French Bulldogs were bred as companions. In 19th century Paris, English bulldogs were mixed with terriers to create a smaller, more people-friendly pet and companion animals for local lacemakers.

Fast forward to the late 1990’s, and celebrities began falling in love with the French Bulldog. Stars like Lady Gaga, Hugh Jackman, Martha Stewart, and Reese Witherspoon all call “Frenchies” family, says Frenchie Journey.

shaved yorkie dog laying on a wood table outside

The Yorkshire Terrier’s history is slightly different.

Small but fearless, this breed was developed to hunt rats and mice. In 1874, they officially became known as “Yorkies,” and were recognized as being distinct from the many small terrier breeds that went into making their bloodline. Later in the 1800s, this working class pup became a favorite of Victorian ladies. Women adored Yorkshire Terriers for their charm, playfulness, and clownish attitudes.

Today, both the French Bulldog and Yorkshire Terrier remain extremely popular dog breeds.

Facts about Frorkie Dogs

The Frorkie is the best of both worlds. You get the personality of two amazing dogs, plus all the cute physical traits that make them photogenic enough to be social media “dog-fluencers!”

Thinking about getting a Frorkie, but have never seen one in person before? Here’s what to expect:  

Size: Frorkies are great picks for apartment living because they stay toy-sized, even into adulthood. Nine inches tall is typical.

Weight: Approximately 4–7 pounds.

Temperament/Personality: Frorkies are little dogs who pack a serious punch. They are joyful, energetic, affectionate, and fiercely loyal to their families. Keep in mind, a Frorkie will have a stubborn streak. Yorkshire Terriers and French Bulldogs both tend to have a “What’s in it for me?” attitude when it comes to training.

Luckily, they are highly food motivated!

Lifespan: With proper care, The Happy Puppy Site tells us that Frorkies can live between 10–15 years.

Unique Qualities: Despite their small size, Frorkies make excellent guard dogs. They will bark to alert home owners whenever a stranger approaches.

Do they shed: Yes! Due to the long, thin hair inherited from Yorkies and the fact that French Bulldogs shed year-round, your Frorkie will most definitely be at least a moderate shedder. 

Hypoallergenic: Unfortunately, no.

Family Friendly: If you are worried about whether or not a Frorkie is kid-friendly, know this: these little dogs are fantastic playtime pals. Actually, Bulldogs were once considered “nanny dogs” who spent a great deal of time looking after human children. Frorkies will be equally fond of a child’s attention.

Just be sure to teach your kids how to interact with dogs. Gentleness is key with small breeds to prevent accident or injury.

Health Issues: This designer dog comes with a handful of health issues. Further on, we will examine the biggest ones. These include ear and eye infections, skin irritation, breathing troubles, and hip/knee dislocation.

brown frorkie dog on a leash

What Do They Look Like

If you fancy the “squishy” look, a Frorkie fits the bill.

Being half Yorkshire Terrier and half Bulldog, your Frorkie puppy will grow up to resemble both parents. However, being a hybrid dog, there’s no telling precisely how different genes will be expressed.

Anything French Bulldog suggests that most Frorkies will be tan with black markings. Or brindle. Colors tend to be darker around the face. Eyes are always brown. In terms of body proportions, Frorkies are muscular and stocky. This is thanks to their French Bulldog heritage. Tails are straight and narrow. Unlike a French Bulldog, they won’t have the classic “corkscrew” tail.

Lastly, Frorkies are known for that scruffy look. Expect to see some shaggy hair around the chin, perky ears, eyebrows, and between toes on the pads of their feet. Coats are soft and wavy. 

Common Health Issues in Frenchie Yorkie Mixes 

Mixed breeds are almost always healthier than purebred dogs. Yet they aren’t immune to health issues. Both parent breeds have genetic health problems to watch out for. These include:

  • Ear infections: Those big bat ears require lots of cleaning! Frorkies need special care when it comes to their ears.
  • Breathing Problems: The flatter your Frorkie’s face, the more likely they will struggle in hot weather. Be careful of heatstroke too. Always be mindful of Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS).
  • Skin Irritation: both Yorkies and Frenchies tend to be sensitive to dog foods. This can lead to allergies, dry skin, itchiness, etc. and skin fold irritation.
  • Hip Dysplasia / Knee Injury: Too much jumping up and down or falling from a height can damage the fragile Frorkie.

Overall, these are moderately healthy dogs. Yet to ensure a long and happy life, Frorkie parents must pay particular attention to their unique needs. 

brown french bulldog with black face laying on the porch

Grooming and Maintenance 

Do you like the look of a Yorkshire Terrier, but dread the endless grooming?

Good news.

A Frorkie will be considerably less work than a purebred Yorkshire Terrier. That’s because their coats are wavy at most (as opposed to long and easy to tangle). PreFurred recommends weekly brushing and giving your Frorkie a bath once per month – unless the roll in something stinky, of course!

The most important thing is the skin. Prevent painful infections by wiping the eyes, ears, and folds with a veterinarian approved cleaning solutions.

As always make sure you take care of the teeth by brushing them daily or using these tips to keep dog teeth clean without brushing.

Are Frenchie Yorkie Bulldog Mixes Easy to Train?

Yes and no.

Firstly, Frorkies are food motivated. They will do anything for a yummy treat. This makes obedience and trick training fairly straightforward. But Yorkshire Terriers are also notoriously challenging to potty train. It takes a lot of patience and practice to teach a Yorkie not to pee and poop inside the house.  

Therefore, a Frorkie might need lots of extra guidance before they learn how to go bathroom outside. 

black and brown frorkie puppy laying down

Puppies, Rescues, and Adoptions 

Break out your wallet, dog lovers! A Frorkie puppy isn’t cheap. Reputable breeders charge anywhere from $1000 – $3500 for a puppy.

Or you can consider adoption.

While there are no Frorkie specific rescue groups, there are dozens of French Bulldog associations all around the world who work directly with families to help re-home pets. This regularly includes French Bulldog mixes, such as a Frorkie. If you desperately want a Frorkie but cannot locate a breeder, get in touch with a local Frenchie group such as French Bulldog Rescue Network.

Perhaps a Frorkie will come into care, and be waiting for a loving rescuer, like you!

Final Thoughts

In summary, if you want a small dog who is loyal, lives for 10+ years, and has the personality of a clown, a Frorkie could be the perfect pooch. The adoption lists for a French Bulldog Yorkie mix tend to be long. However, these one-of-a-kind dogs are so worth the wait!  

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