Learn All About The Poodle Breed

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Ready to become a Poodle parent? Learn everything you need to know about the Poodle breed including their purpose, personality, physique, and keeping them groomed!

Poodle is a recognized breed of water dog (in the non-sporting category in terms of AKC registry) that comes in four varieties based on sizes – standard, medium, miniature, and toy. However, the medium poodle (also known as the moyen poodle) is not recognized universally as the others. 

a black poodle and a white poodle sitting next to each other

History of the Standard Poodle Breed

The Poodle is a very interesting breed that has its roots in both Germany and France (some like to argue the origin). The Standard poodles were developed back when wildfowl hunters needed to bring their catch from the water, so they could use smaller varieties as performers or pets-but now these same dogs are widely popular for companionship too.

Experts believe that the credit should be given to Germany because most likely the standard poodle was their water dog. They back their claim with the fact the name of the breed in German is Pudel, derived from “puddeln” meaning to splash.

It doesn’t really matter which country they came from, the main takeaway is they used the poodle breed for water-based tasks. Another interesting fact is that their coat really served a purpose other than just looking fancy. It’s  a good insulator for the cold water temps

We mentioned earlier that they were performers, but did you realize we are referring to the circus? With their smarts, athletic ability, and instinctive nature they were perfect for that setting. It was mainly the French who did this, which also led to the miniature poodle breed. Because the smaller size they were easier to carry around, versus the standard breed. 

Fast forward to the 20th century, and the poodles begin to get smaller. Now comes the toy poodle, an even smaller version!

What Do Poodles Look Like Physically? 

Poodles can look very different depending on their size, and if they are mixed with another breed. Their haircuts can vary, but their curly hair is usually a dead giveaway and is a very dominant breed trait.

Standard Poodle

  • Height: 18 to 24 inches
  • Weight: 44 to 71 pounds

Moyen Poodle

*As mentioned, kennel clubs do not recognize this breed. Kleins are included in the standard breed of poodle. 

  • Height: 14-18 inches
  • Weight: 33 to 42 pounds

Miniature Poodles: 

  • Height: 11 to 14 inches
  • Weight: 26 to 31 pounds

Toy Poodles 

  • Height: 9 to 11 inches
  • Weight: 14 to 17 pounds

Are Poodles Easy to Groom?

Poodles have different coats that range from coarse or wooly to soft and wavy. While they are considered non-shedding and hypoallergenic, they still shed a little. Instead of the hair coming off on you or the floor it stays in their fur, making brushing a nightmare if it’s not done daily. 

Grooming should take place about every 6 to 8 weeks if you want to keep your poodle in a manageable condition.

In terms of grooming, all poodles are actually really high maintenance. You should brush them every day, think about hiring a professional groomer, and bath them regularly in between grooming visits.

brown poodle getting groomed professionally

How Many Colors of Poodles Are There?

There are 11 solid colors of purebred Poodles. However, they don’t have to be solid and can be mixed with other colors. 

  • Apricot
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Cafe Au lait
  • Cream
  • Gray
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Silver beige
  • White

What Is the Rarest Color of Poodle?

The apricot poodle is the rarest because of the recessive gene. Also, their coat color changes the more they are exposed to sunlight (UV rays).

Poodles Temperament 

  • Intelligent 
  • Sociable 
  • High energy
  • Easily Trainable 
  • Great with doggy sports and agility

Because poodles are protective over their families and caretakers, they may not be accepting of strangers at first but will warm up.

How Healthy Are Poodles? 

Poodles mainly face hereditary problems such as cancer, dysplasia, gastric torsion, Addison’s disease, eyelid problems, thyroid issues, and skin problems. 

They may also experience epilepsy, cataracts, and ear infections. Ear infections are really common for poodles because of the extra hair they have inside their ear. It’s important to keep them clean and groomed.

apricot poodle outside in the grass

The Poodle Diet

Like most breeds, a wholesome diet is key. Even though most enjoy wet or moist dog food, dry dog food helps with keeping their teeth clean and helps to reduce plaque and tartar. 

It’s important to keep an eye out for allergies and not overdo the table scraps like fruits and ones with tons of processed ingredients.

Lean proteins like chicken and lamb not only taste delicious to all breeds of poodles but it’s healthy for them too.

How Much Do Poodles Cost?

Depending on where you buy a Poodle from, you are looking at between $500 to $2000. Sometimes you can find owners who are looking to re-home their Poodle in your local area through Facebook groups and the marketplace. Most of the time these people are moving and can’t take their pup with them or they can no longer give it the care they needed.

Poodle Rescues and Adoptions

There are dedicated rescues specifically for Poodles where the fees will be lower than if you went to a breeder. Poodle Club of America Rescue Foundation has an amazing resource where you can browse adoptions in your local area.

You can also try PetFinder.com and Adoptapet.com to see more Poodles that are available. These will include Poodles from individuals, breeders, and rescues.

Fun Fact About Poodles 

Poodles are a cute dog breed that has some unique abilities. There are different-looking Poodles with… 

  • Special Haircuts – All Poodle haircuts have a specific function and are not necessarily done just for the look. The teddy bear haircut sure is cut on this breed though.
  • Poodles have hair and not fur. 
  • If you don’t cut their hair, it will continuously keep growing.
  • They are excellent jumpers (so you may need a high fence to keep them in). 
  • Poodles LOVE the water and swimming.

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